Logistics is a fairly familiar concept that we use every day. Do you want to learn how to transport goods by air? Find out what is the best Domestic Air Freight Australia. Air freight is cargo transported by aircraft or also known as by air. This is the way cargo is carried by special cargo planes, or in the belly of a passenger plane (Passenger Plane).

Air transport accounts for a fraction of the total weight of international transport (less than 0.5%), while it accounts for about 30% in terms of value. According to aircraft manufacturer Boeing, in 2012, special cargo planes carried about 60% of global air shipments, while the remaining 40% was taken over by passenger aircraft.


With the method of transporting goods by plane, you will see a clear difference compared to transportation by sea and land.

We can clearly see that delivery by plane is the fastest, safest, but at the highest cost. Because of this, these shipping methods are often suitable for high-value and time-sensitive items, such as:

  • Air mail, express mail
  • Living animals
  • Perishable items (food, fresh flowers, dry ice food)
  • Drug
  • Valuables (gold, diamonds)
    Technical equipment (high-tech goods, spare parts for aircraft, ships, automobiles)
  • Luxury consumer goods (electronics, fashion)

Advantages of air transportation

As I said above, the biggest advantage of air transportation is its high speed. This aircraft has the highest speed of all modes of transportation today. The average speed of cargo or passenger aircraft is around 800-1000km / h, which is very high compared to other popular modes such as ships (12-25 knots / hour), trains (in South Vietnam only about 60-80km / h), or trucks ( 60-80km / h). I think the only way to transmit electricity is faster than an airplane!


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